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Please make sure your source file is in one of these formats so we don't have any issues with production

1.AI Format

2.CDR Format

3.PSD highest quality format

Important information : If you want your cards to have length indicators(HIGHLY recommend) each different card is $50 to make and you will have 1000 pieces. Our factory will hold all cards until you've used them entirely. Once you need to restock the 1000 pieces, you will be required to pay $50 again. (ex: a single tray with all 12mm on each row the indicators will READ 12 on the side of the card so you will be able to identify your lengths once removed from packaging , A 12mm-18mm mixed tray is a different card it will READ 12mm ,13mm and so forth for the various lengths on that card which would be $50 for 1000pcs , a 14mm single tray would be a different card which would cost $50 for 1000pcs  and so forth.

*Each different card you purchase has 1000 copies )

so the upfront cost is an investment you won't have to rebuy the same length cards for a while.

If you don't want your cards to indicate the lengths on the strips they can come standard like the example shown below . just counting how many lines there are in the lash tray 1-16 .

(THV curl is NOT an option for Private Label, Its only if you're purchasing in bulk for personal use with our label)

For mixed trays be sure to indicate the length range (i.e. 12mm-18mm) Each individual tray has 16 lines , mixed trays can be made anyway you prefer . However, be specific on what lengths you would like them to range from and how many of each length you would like to have . For Example "0.03 CC-curl 12-18 mm.

Two rows  of 12, Two rows of 13, Three rows of 14....etc Until it equals 16 lines of lashes. Single trays will have 16 lines of the same length].

Lengths, Diameters + Curls


0.3 , C-curl , 12mm ( 10x)

0.5, D-curl , 18mm (80x)

0.7 DD-curl,12mm-18mm Mixed (20x)


MOQ for tray options start at 10x. If you want more of one option that is perfectly fine. just make sure your options equal to 100x or more and each option is a minimum of 10X



You CANNOT mix collections

There is a $50 customize label fee for the bottle and bag you will recieve 1000pcs. our factory will hold all labels and bags until you've used them entirely. example shown below

please upload your label design for the adhesive if you don't have one you can use your logo and put that on the bottle.

we can add the ingredients and directions to the label for you. all draft mock ups will be sent for approval before production

Shipping prices for products will vary depending on quantity and location . To receive a quote there's a required fee of $150 +5%processing fee =157 (NON-REFUNDABLE) that goes towards your order minus the processing fee. Order requests are limited; Wholesale is at a high demand please allow 5 business to receive your quote after submission .

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